Heating Solutions

Heating Solutions:

Thinking about cost effective heating solutions?
Is the installation of costly pipe work for a wet system to much to bare?
Oil or gas services not an option?
Or looking to replace your costly storage heating?
Try Elnur Designer Radiators.
Elnur products meet UK Building and Electrical specifications and are manufactured to meet UK and European safety standards such as IP 24 and IP 44 for bathroom use.
Benefits of Thermal Radiators for Heating Solutions:
  • -Clean,
  • -Quiet,
  • -Safe
  • -Efficient
  • -Flexible
  • -Versatile
  • -Reliable

Thermal Radiators Vs Storage Heaters – No Contest!

      Fast and easy installation and also very cost effective to run compared to old fashioned storage heating.
This type of heater heats instantly and automatically on your Day Rate electricity supply via their own thermostat, and/or an optional time clock and room thermostat – therefore only offering heat when required.
Storage heating has the common problem of not being particularly effective. They need varying manual adjustment from time to time plus they heat overnight for an extensive 7 hours to store heat.
Users of Storage heaters complain of very hot sticky mornings and cold evenings once heat has escaped- often due to the manual dials.
With Thermal Radiators, the electrical loading is lower than storage heating- saving money whilst heating the environmentally friendly oil instead of the old type storage brick giving an almost instant heat exactly when you want it- very similar to a wet central heating system.
With a range of sizes thermal Radiators are great for any home or office surrounding.
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